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Birdi Lu's owner Jenni Knight

Meet Jenni

Jenni Knight, the owner of Birdie Lu’s, always knew she would be an ice cream truck driver. After 18 years in the corporate world as a Quality Control Process Specialist and going to work in lab coat every day, Jenni took a leap of faith and went on the hunt for her first ice-cream truck. From there, Jenni’s passion for serving her Savannah, Georgia community with frozen treats and smiles has continued to grow through the years!

Once Jenni found the perfect truck to dispense her novelty treats, her mission became simple: bring communities together through laughter, fun, and goodwill. On any given afternoon you can hear the jingle as she combs through all corners of Savannah’s diverse neighborhoods.  

Birdie Lu’s, formerly Jenni’s Treats on the Street, now proudly caters novelty ice cream to local school functions, birthday parties of all sizes, corporate events, engagement sessions and weddings, fundraisers, and any other event in the Savannah area. Contact Birdie Lu’s today to book your ice cream truck rental!

bride and groom kissing in front of ice cream truck

Let’s Chat!

Contact Birdie Lu’s today to book our retro ice cream truck rental for your upcoming event!